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When the Caregiver Can’t Sleep a Transition Might be Necessary

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It’s incredibly difficult to care for an aging parent, spouse or elderly loved.  Especially if they have a crippling physical issue or suffer from any type of dementia.  Caregivers often sacrifice their own well being to help their loved one.

Most caregivers are willing to do what they can as long as they can to help their loved ones.  They may spend all of their waking hours caring for their loved one. Their only break is at night – when they can rest and get some sleep.  But what happens when their loved one needs help through the night? If the caregiver can’t rest and loses sleep a transition might be needed.  

This transition can take many shapes.  You can bring more help into the house. The loved one can move into an assisted living or nursing home.  No matter what, the loved one can still receive a high level of care. At that same time the caregiver can get the help they need to care for their loved one.  This can improve everyone’s quality of life.

The caregiver may be the one who’s most hesitant to implement this transition.  People – especially caregivers – won’t often admit they need help. They consider it a failure and no one wants to fail their loved ones.  The caregiver must understand, however, that the transition is necessary for both them and their loved one. If they can be convinced to make this transition then their life will probably improve.  And, their loved one’s life will improve too.

Transitions are not failures.  They are necessitated by circumstances outside of everyone’s control (and the well being of the caregiver is something that’s outside everyone’s control).  Don’t be afraid to accept and embrace them.

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