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The Value of Support Groups

Support Group System People Circle Words Supportive Help 3d Illu

Support Group System People Circle Words Supportive Help 3d Illustration

This post is dedicated to the members of The Stressed Out Caregiver Support Group.  Thank you for being there for each other.  You are all what’s good in this world.

Caring for a loved one can seem overwhelming. People feel like they’re on an island.  They’re all alone and need help.  A support group can fix that problem.

A support group focused on the issue you’re dealing with can provide tremendous value.  It may be the most important step you take as you begin your caregiving journey.  If you find a good group the members can provide all sorts of help and advice.  They can “jump start” the things for you.  They share resources, solutions, recommendations and warnings.  You can accelerate your growth as a caregiver by leveraging what other people already know.

Some people think joining a support group is an admission of failure. In reality it’s the opposite.  Joining a support group shows you have a desire to succeed.  You are willing to do whatever it takes to help your loved one and provide them with the highest possible quality of life.

If you want to join a group but don’t know where to start then I want to invite you to explore The Stressed Out Caregiver Facebook Support Group.

The members of The Stressed Out Caregiver Facebook Support Group are amazing.  They help each other work through whatever issue someone might have.  You can see people who are new to the caregiving journey and those who have years of experience.  No question is too simple or too complex – there is always someone (usually many someones) in the group willing to help.  Spending time in this group is the most rewarding part of my day.  I hope you will join us.

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