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March 22, 2019
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March 29, 2019

Are Physical Therapy Services Available to Your Loved One?

Blog #0019 - Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is an amazing service.  But it’s also underutilized.  It can help you recover from a traumatic event or injury.  It can also help deal with chronic pain that wasn’t caused by a specific injury or event.

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

Your doctor can prescribe physical therapy for chronic pain.  Services are delivered on an out-patient basis. They can take place at the therapist’s office or in your home.  These services can go a long way towards making someone feel better.

In-Patient Physical Therapy

In-patient therapy is available when someone suffers a traumatic event or sever illness.  Medicare will pay for in-patient therapy in certain circumstances.  Usually someone has to have a 3-day hospital stay and the need for therapy services in order to regain function that was lost.  Services usually continue until the person won’t derive further benefit from additional services (often referred to as a plateau).  This is a very important benefit.

Out-Patient Physical Therapy

If someone suffers a traumatic injury or server illness but doesn’t have a hospital stay or simply chooses to bypass in-patient physical therapy then outpatient physical therapy is available.  Like physical therapy for chronic pain these services can be delivered at home or in the therapist’s office.  Like in-patient physical therapy these services are to help you regain lost function and continue until the patient reaches a plateau.


This short article was meant to highlight the benefit of physical therapy and let you know it’s available to help your loved one in many situations.  If you think they would benefit then discuss this with their doctor and see if services might be available to them.

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