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Adapting to Your Loved One’s Needs – The Twists and Turns of Caregiving

Twisting curvy road winding through fall colorful trees in natio

Twisting curvy road winding through fall colorful trees in national park with long exposure car streaks showing motion speed and transportation

Your loved one needs your help.  They can’t do it alone. You, as their caregiver, only want the best for them.  Care may be in place and you may be happy with the situation. You may feel like things are running well.

Then, all of a sudden, something happens.  It might be something really small or a big traumatic event.  Now everything you’ve done to date needs to be changed. All the work you did to find the right care is now suddenly out of date.  You feel like you’re starting over. And that’s normal.

Change is the Constant

There are a lot of starts and stops when you’re caring for a loved one.  The only constant in the process is the frequent need for change. Aging isn’t static and the solutions must constantly evolve to meet changing care needs.

Light Up the Road

A care plan is the best way to meet changes.  Imagine driving down a dark road without any headlight – you can barely see what’s ahead of you.  It’s much easier if you have headlights illuminating your way. That’s the difference between caring for someone with a plan versus without a plan.  Without a care plan you’re fumbling in the dark – reacting to that which is directly in front of you. With a care plan you’re more likely to see what’s coming and you’re ready for the twists and turns ahead.

The bottom line is that life isn’t always a straight road.  Don’t expect to cruise through the caregiving process – that’s not fair to anyone, especially you.  Be ready for change to happen and to move forward to the next challenge. Aging – and caring for an aging loved one – is a journey.  Buckle up and get ready for the ride. There will be twists and turns but in the end the journey can be extremely satisfying and you will be happy you took the ride with your loved one.

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