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170 – Is Money in a Joint Bank Account Protected From the Cost of Long Term Care?
August 2, 2019

171 – If Your Loved One Has Long Term Care Insurance Do They Still Need to Protect Money from the Cost of Their Long Term Care?

Long-term Care Insurance Ltc Or Ltci Application.

Long-term care insurance LTC or LTCI application.

Long term care insurance is a great benefit.  It can go a long way towards reducing the cost of your loved one’s long term care.  But if your loved one has long term care insurance do they need to protect their money from the cost of their long term care?  The answer is usually yes.  You want to be proactive and protect their money from the cost of long term care.  And, believe it or not, their long term care insurance is a great tool for helping you do that.

Listen to this episode to learn how long term care insurance can help in this situation.

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