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165 – Can I Visit My Elderly Loved One Any Time Day or Night in the Long Term Care Community?
July 22, 2019
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167 – Don’t Be Intimidated Advocating for Your Elderly Loved One – The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease
July 26, 2019

166 – What are Activities of Daily Living?

Senior Man And Elderly Woman In Wheelchair In Autumn Nature. Man

Senior man and elderly woman in wheelchair in autumn nature. Man with his mother or a wife on a walk. Rear view.

How do you know when your loved one needs help?  What signs can you look for?  How do you know what care they need?  Assessing their activities of daily living – both basic and instrumental – provides a lot of helpful information.

Listen to this episode of the podcast to learn what activities of daily living are and how they can help you plan care for your aging parent, spouse or elderly loved one.

Thanks very much and I will talk to you soon.


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