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161 – Does Everyone in the Assisted Living Community or Nursing Home Know That My Loved One’s on Medicaid?
July 14, 2019
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163 – How to Pick the Best Sub-Acute Rehab Facility for Your Elderly Loved One
July 17, 2019

162 – Can a Someone Get Paid to Provide Care to Their Aging Parent or Elderly Loved One?

An elderly woman with her adult daughter.

An elderly woman with her adult daughter.

Children are often the primary caregivers for their elderly parents.  Many children take time off from work and cost themselves money to provide the care their parent needs.  This leads to a common question – can an elderly parent pay their caregiver child?  While it is possible and, in some places, common, it can potentially lead to problems with Medicaid.

In this episode I discuss this issue and things you need to be aware of if your elderly loved one is going to pay you for the care you’re providing.

I hope this helps.


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