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158 – The Three Building Blocks of Elder Care
July 5, 2019
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160 – How to Get the Best Care Possible for a Loved One on Medicaid in an Assisted Living Community or Nursing Home
July 12, 2019

159 – Is There Such a Thing as a Medicaid Nursing Home or Medicaid Assisted Living Community?

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There’s a common misconception that when someone needs Medicaid.  People think there are horrible Medicaid only alternatives.  These are supposedly the worst facilities in the area and only take those people who are out of money and on Medicaid.

Fortunately, this is not what really happens.  People on Medicaid receive great care – just like those paying privately.  Listen to this episode to learn more about Medicaid benefits in a long term care community.

Thanks for listening and I will talk to you soon.


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