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157 – Realistic Expectations for Our Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Types of Dementia
July 3, 2019
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159 – Is There Such a Thing as a Medicaid Nursing Home or Medicaid Assisted Living Community?
July 10, 2019

158 – The Three Building Blocks of Elder Care

Abstract Construction From Wooden Blocks Shapes With Copy Space.

Abstract construction from wooden blocks shapes with copy space. The concept of logical thinking, geometric shapes. Colorful wooden building blocks

Elder care is complicated.  It can feel like you’re stuck in a whirlwind.  But it can be made easier.  If you have a system or a process to deal with the overall situation it can be manageable.  You can bring order to the chaos.

In this podcast episode I discuss the three building blocks of elder care.  This approach has helped me and many others get a good handle on the situation when it comes to caring for an elderly loved one. I think it can help you too.

Thanks so much for listening and all the best.


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