A Group Of Happy, Senior Friends Holding Colorful Balloons While
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May 15, 2019
Mature Older People Lifting Weights
151 – Will My Loved One Be Bored in an Assisted Living Community?
May 20, 2019

150 – Two Questions That Give Tremendous Insight Into Your Elderly Loved One’s Quality of Life

Bored Depressed Elder Man In Wheelchair. Elderly Female Feelin

bored depressed asian elder woman in wheelchair resting near window. elderly female feeling sad lonely. senior leisure lifestyle

Is your loved one happy or are they just going through the motions?  Do they have anything to do or to look forward to?

In this episode I discuss two very simple yet powerful questions that give great insight into your loved one’s quality of life.  It’s most applicable to people receiving care at home but if slightly modified works well for people in other living environments.

I hope you find this helpful and with you nothing but the best.




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