Dementia Gears
113 – What is Dementia?
February 1, 2019
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115 – Getting and Paying for Durable Medical Equipment
February 6, 2019

114 – What Does a Diagnosis of Dementia Mean for Your Loved One and You?

Dementia Medical

Dementia, Medical Concept with Selective Focus. Dementia Diagnosis, Medical Concept. Composition of Medicaments. Dementia - Printed Diagnosis with Blurred Text. 3D Render.

The two big things a diagnosis of dementia means for your loved one is: (1) nothing is different today than it was yesterday – but things are definitely going to change as time goes on; and (2) this is the time to start taking action – do it now while your loved one can help with whatever needs to be done.  Taking action right away can save time and money and improve your loved one’s quality of life as things move forward.

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