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109 – What’s the Difference Between a Power of Attorney, an Agent and an Attorney in Fact?
January 23, 2019
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111- Beneficiary Designations Must Be Reviewed or Else Your Will Might Not Work as Expected
January 28, 2019

110 – Power of Attorney Question – Does an Attorney in Fact Have to Be an Attorney?

Close-up Of Male Lawyer With Arm Crossed

Close-up Of Male Lawyer With Arm Crossed Standing In Front Of Book Shelf

An attorney in fact is appointed in a power of attorney document to manage a principal’s financial affairs.  A lot of people think that if someone is going to be appointed to this position they must be an attorney – the word attorney is in the title after all.  The reality is you don’t have to be an attorney to be get this job.  Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about this job and what it means.

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