Text Sign Showing Reverse Mortgage. Conceptual Photo Loan For Se
108 – Reverse Mortgages – Walking Away From a Home – What Does It Mean and When Does It Happen?
January 21, 2019
Close-up Of Male Lawyer With Arm Crossed
110 – Power of Attorney Question – Does an Attorney in Fact Have to Be an Attorney?
January 25, 2019

109 – What’s the Difference Between a Power of Attorney, an Agent and an Attorney in Fact?

Still Life Of Power Of Attorney Document On Desk

Still Life Of Power Of Attorney Document On Desk

These are three things that mean the same thing – two of them are legal terms and one of them is a common usage term – but they all refer to the person appointed to assist the principal in a power of attorney.  Listen to this episode and I will explain what these things all mean and clarify whatever confusion might exist as far as this issue is concerned.

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