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102 – Bringing Private Duty Care into an Independent Living Apartment
January 7, 2019
Transition Word In A Dictionary. Transition Concept.
104 – The Transition From Caregiver to Companion
January 11, 2019

103 – The Assisted Living Bounce Back

Senior Couple Bouncing On Trampoline In Garden

Senior Couple Bouncing On Trampoline In Garden

Something amazing might happen after someone who had been struggling at home moves into an assisted living community.  Their physical and mental condition may improve measurably.  It’s what I call the assisted living bounce back.  Suddenly they have a spring in their step everyone thought they had lost – they are fully engaged and living life to its fullest.  This episode will discuss the assisted living bounce back and one unexpected consequence it can lead to.

If you know something might happen you can be ready for it.

All the best.



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