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101 – Assisted Living Admission Agreements – It Must Be In Writing

Happy elderly couple shaking hands with legal consultant in law

Happy elderly couple shaking hands with legal consultant in law firm

When your loved one (or you as their caregiver) explore an assisted living community they will encounter various sales people and admission staff along the way.  These individuals want your loved one to move into the community they represent – their pay often depends on it. Because of that they like to highlight the benefits of their community.  Sometimes, during the discussions, things can be said that might not be the official policy of the community.  Unfortunately, whenever there is a conflict between what the sales person said and the contents of the admission agreement that is ultimately signed, the admission agreement will rule the day.  Because of that you need to be careful and pay close attention to the agreement.  Many people have been caught over the years thinking they heard a sales person say something that isn’t in the agreement.  When that happens it can spell trouble.

Rule of thumb – if it isn’t in writing you can’t rely on it.

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