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099 – Staying Home or Moving Into a Long Term Care Community – Whatever Works Best for You and Your Loved One
December 31, 2018
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101 – Assisted Living Admission Agreements – It Must Be In Writing
January 4, 2019

100 – Did You Notice Something Different About Your Elderly Loved One Recently?

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Did you notice anything different about your loved one the last time you saw him or her?  The best time to start helping a loved one with their care needs is as soon as you notice they need them.  It might be something small like adding some support or it might be something huge like home health care, assisted living or a nursing home.  Whatever is needed the best way to maintain the highest possible of quality of life – both for your loved one and you – is to take action now.

All the best as you deal with these issues – I’ll be here to help.


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