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087 – What is a “Medicaid Bed” in an Assisted Living Community?
December 3, 2018
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088 – Why Might a Medicaid Beneficiary Be Preferred to Someone With Private Pay Funds in the Nursing Home?
December 9, 2018

089 – Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?

stop waisting time later or now postpone or hold off decision an

stop waisting time later or now postpone or hold off decision and delay or protract action the sooner the better to act now no next

You’ve got to do something – and you do it – but it doesn’t feel right.  You have a wave of regret because the results are so good that now you feel like you should have done it sooner.  Try to give yourself a break.  Taking action is hard.  Taking the right action is harder.  Beating yourself up because you took too long to take the right action is worst of all.  Don’t be hard on yourself – you’re doing the best you can.  Check out this episode to feel better about this.  I hope you it helps and you like it.

You took action – be proud of yourself.




  1. Sylvia Salas says:

    How do I ask my mothers Dr. To check her out for Dementia or Alzeihmers

    • Casey Price says:

      In my experience the best approach is to try to discuss this directly with the doctor or, if you can’t get to the doctor, the nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant in the practice. Some doctors, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants will talk to you in an open dialogue and others, relying on HIPAA won’t want to engage in a back and forth discussion – they will listen to the issues you raise and hopefully act on them – but they won’t share any information about your mother. Give this direct conversation approach a try. It works most of the time.

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