075 – The Home Care Point of No Return – Spending Below the Assisted Living Private Pay Requirement
October 26, 2018
Business Man Signing A Contract. Close Up Of Two Business Partne
077 – Assisted Living & Nursing Home Admission Agreements – An Overview
October 31, 2018

076 – What Happens If Someone Exhausts All Their Money Paying for Home Care?

Fall Foliage w Street

Fall foliage on tree lined street in North American suburban neighborhood in autumn

Care at home is expensive and sometimes people spend everything they have in an effort to remain home as long as possible.  Care options are limited when the money runs out.  If someone else can fund ongoing care then it is possible to stay in the house additional time.  But if there is no way to continue paying for home care then you must explore other options.  This podcast will discuss that situation and examine some of the options that are available when all of the money has been spent paying for home care.

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