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072 – Visiting Your Elderly Loved One – The First Step to Advocacy
October 12, 2018
Time and Money
074 – Assisted Living Private Pay Requirements
October 24, 2018

073 – Resource Spotlight – Senior Move Management Services

Close Up. Packing Boxes With Building Tape In Order To Move To N

Close up. Packing Boxes with Building Tape in Order to Move to New Housing. Moving the Family to New Place. Family Gathers Things in Cardboard Boxes. Young Man in Room. New Apartment Concepts.

The thought of helping your elderly loved one pack and sell their house can be overwhelming.  They may have years or decades worth of stuff in their home.  The idea of going through everything and sorting it out and packing or disposing of various things can be exhausting.

What if I told you that a Senior Move Management Service could make this entire process more manageable?  This resource can save you a lot of time and greatly reduce the stress involved in the process.

Listen to this episode to find out how a Senior Move Management Service can help you in this situation.  And, keep on the lookout for more Resource Spotlight episodes where I share different elder care resources that can help with the process of caring for your elderly loved one.

Thanks so much and I will talk to you soon!


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