070 – Stand Alone Dementia Care vs. Dementia Care as Part of a Bigger Assisted Living Community
October 9, 2018
072 – Visiting Your Elderly Loved One – The First Step to Advocacy
October 12, 2018

Toolbox with tools. Skrewdriver, hammer, handsaw and wrench. 3d

Caring for an elderly loved one is hard.  Some people make it harder by limiting their caregiving options due to preconceived ideas about various elder care tools.  Today’s episode is a plea for you to keep an open mind about every possible solution available to meet whatever needs your loved one might have.  I am really proud of this episode and hope you like it.  I also hope you take this message to heart because this idea may be able to help improve your loved one’s quality of life.

Thanks for letting me serve you.

Talk to you soon.


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