Close up photo of prescription pills with prescription paper
066 – Managing Prescription Medication
September 26, 2018
Assisted Living Word Cloud on Blue Background
068 – Assisted Living Service Plans – The Blueprint to Your Loved One’s Care
October 1, 2018

067 – Using a Reverse Mortgage as a Positive Tool

Reverse Mortgage Caution Road Sign

Reverse Mortgage Caution Road Sign Caution sign with word Reverse Mortgage with sky background

People are often afraid when they hear the words “reverse mortgage.”  Their mind goes to the worst possible scenarios – most of which aren’t true and will never happen.  The reality is that a reverse mortgage can be a great tool to help your loved one accomplish their goals.  Today’s episode discusses how you might be able to use a reverse mortgage to achieve one of the most common goals our elderly loved ones have.

I hope you find this episode helpful – I really enjoyed making it for you.

Thanks and I will talk to you soon!


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