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027 – You Keep Control After Signing Decision Making Documents
January 4, 2018
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029 – Care Planning Overview
January 8, 2018

028 – Naming Friends and Distant Relatives as Decision Makers

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028 – Naming Friends and Distant Relatives as Decision Makers

When someone wants a friend or distant relative to serve as their decision maker it is even more important they create documents appointing that person.  If they don’t have decision making documents like powers of attorney and living wills in place then it is less likely that people who are friends or distant relatives will be appointed to a decision making position by the court.  This includes long time partners – whether same sex or opposite sex.  Those long time partners can find them shut out from participating in care of their partner if they become incapacitated and other family members want to step in and take charge.  This episode will discuss this issue and why decision making documents are so important in this scenario.

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