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TheStressedOutCaregiver.com was created by me, Casey Price. I am an elder law attorney from Haddonfield, New Jersey, and in that capacity I have been helping people deal with issues associated with aging since 2001. My goal is to help everyone caring for an elderly loved one - especially those who are overwhelmed by the situation. I have seen you before - maybe not you specifically - but people just like you with issues just like yours. I know what you are going through and understand exactly how difficult and confusing the caregiving process can be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s actually a pretty straight forward process and if you have some knowledge on the subject and do a little bit of planning it can be much easier than you ever thought it could be.

At TheStressedOutCaregiver.com we share all sorts of tips and strategies to help you - the person caring for your elderly loved one - discover and better understand the issues that you might end up facing. Most days there is a piece of valuable content - usually in the form of a podcast episode but sometimes a written blog post and occasionally a video - meant to educate you on an elder care issue. Many episodes answer questions that other people caring for an elderly loved one have asked me. These are issues you are probably dealing with too.

Latest Uploads

  • 144 – It’s Not Easy Needing Help
    The other day I hurt my shoulder.  I couldn’t do anything for myself.  I was totally dependent on my wife and kids for assistance.  Fortunately they were there and happy to help. However, I felt like a burden.  I was putting them out and making their lives difficult.  They had […]
  • 143 – Beware of Timeshares
    Timeshares work really well for some people.  But for others they can be a big problem.  If your loved one purchased a time share they can’t afford be careful discussing it with them.  Don’t make them feel worse about their decision.  Show them support and help them deal with the […]
  • 142 – No Size Fits All When Caring for a Loved One
    Caring for an aging parent, spouse or elderly loved one is difficult.  It can be very stressful.  However, listening to what others have experienced can sometimes be the most frustrating part of the process. Everyone’s situation is different.  Don’t look at what others do or achieve and expect the same […]
  • 141 – Memory Care Move In Day – Should You Stay or Should You Go?
    Memory care assisted living is a great resource for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of dementia.  It provides tremendous assistance to people in need of a special kind of help.  However, like everything else, there can be some challenges.  Specifically how your cognitively impaired loved one […]
  • 140 – Are Elder Law Attorneys Expensive?
    People think elder law attorneys are expensive.  Why wouldn’t they.  Elder Law attorneys often ask for big checks – many times thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  But the value the they provide can be tremendous.  Check out this episode to learn more about how elder law attorneys charge […]
  • Hand Of Elderly Woman Holding Hand Younger Woman, Helping Hands,
    139 – Who Gets to be Guardian if One is Needed
    What happens when someone needs a guardian?  Who gets to do that job? The answer isn’t so simple. Many states have statutory priorities that give some people the right to serve in that position before others. In this episode we’ll discuss those provisions. We’ll also discuss some potential problems when […]

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