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The Stressed Out Caregiver is dedicated to creating a community-driven resource to answer all of your elder care questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question; we encourage you to reach out. Odds are, someone else is going through or has experienced something similar. Caring for a loved one shouldn’t be stressful. We’re here to help you with the answers you need right now, before you talk to an attorney.

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  • An Overview of Medical and Financial Eligibility for Medicaid – Married Couples
    The phrase long-term care Medicaid includes Medicaid benefits in a variety of living environments. These would include, for example, assisted living communities, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities (except the independent living part of the continuing care retirement community).  Long-term care Medicaid is the benefit that pays for care […]
  • What Does Medicaid Look for In the Medicaid Application?
    When someone applies for Medicaid the caseworks completes an application form and collects a lot of records – both identifying and financial information.  It then takes a number of weeks, months or even years for Medicaid to review the application and provide their result. So, the question is what is […]
  • Applying to the County Board of Social Services for Medicaid Benefits in New Jersey
    An individual or if the individual is incapacitated due to dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease then his agent pursuant to his power or attorney or his guardian must apply for Medicaid benefits at the County Board of Social Services.  This is something that you – the person in need of benefits […]
  • What if Mom Won’t Say Thank You?
    Life is funny sometimes. What happens when you realize one day that your mother can no longer manager her own affairs? She can’t pay her bills and needs help with everyday tasks. She can’t schedule doctor appointments or get herself to the doctor’s office. When she can’t process information in […]
  • Quality of Life – The North Star of Caregiving
    I have three children.  I love them all dearly and kind of want to be their friend. It is really nice when they like me but I am not worried about being liked by them.  My job is to be their parent. I have to say no to them when […]
  • The Four Phases of Medicaid Eligibility
    Talking about Medicaid with elder care professionals can be very confusing.  They talk about things like looks backs and spend down when all you are worried about is making sure you loved one’s care is paid for when they run out of money. Medicaid is so confusing that it’s hard […]

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